Pink Clouds


I recently had an Emotion Code healing with Neetu, and I was so incredibly impressed with her professionalism, and authentic nurturing and caring demeanor.  Her assessment of various blocks and the ages that the negative beliefs came in were completely spot on, and I began to perceive shifts around my ability to love myself and others within days after the session. I highly recommend Neetu for anyone looking to experience deep and long lasting shifts.

Rev. Sonja E- 10 Cups of Ministries

Thank you so much to Neetu Raina from Light Ray Healing for helping my pet, Romeo with his recent health concerns. We saw a big difference in just days after the healings you did for Romeo. He was happier, had more energy, lost excess weight, and in turn could enjoy more playtime with his brother Zorro. Much gratitude to you miracle girl. We love you xo

Romeo B

I have had 2 sessions and it was quite profound. I’ve had other healings in the past, but this was effective in pinpointing emotional blocks.  So much negative emotion was released during my session. Since my healing I feel lighter and have more energy. I had more awareness and as result cleared alot to move forward in my life through a better space. Thank you Neetu.

Girish B

I first approached Neetu when I felt stuck and tried a few different ways to deal with an issue I was having. Neetu was very supportive, understanding and empathetic and helped me to identify what I needed to be aware of and work on. We explored past experiences/events and emotions that were ready to be worked through and shifted. We worked on my heart chakra and heart wall. After my session with Neetu I saw drastic changes, I was setting healthy boundaries, I was more open and receiving and now have more self-love. The benefits after were life altering, healing past emotions has led me to live a happier and healthier life. Neetu is a gifted and amazing healer and truly helped me with growing and becoming a better version of myself. 

Priya R

I was introduced to Neetu by a good friend of mine. I had no idea about Emotion Code healing until then. Neetu explained to me clearly what it was all about and I was open to it. The very next day after my first session, I had a huge purge of emotions that were trapped in me. After a few days of processing the emotions, I have felt a major shift in me and feel a whole lot better. The emotion code chart that Neetu sent me after the session was spot on and made me feel good that they were cleared. Neetu is a gifted healer and I look forward to having many more sessions with her in the future. 

Kavitha S

When I had my emotion code with Neetu Raina, I have to admit I didn't know much about it. After it was done remotely, and the ages where emotional incidents happened and the feeling associated were on point. I cannot tell you how much it helped me. I felt as though a huge weight was lifted off of me. I never realised the burden I carried till it was taken off. I felt relaxed and at peace with myself and others around me. 

It was an amazing and freeing experience!

Viveka M