Emotion Code- Heart Wall

This session focuses on removing heart walls.

  • 2 hours
  • 100 Australian dollars
  • Online

Service Description

A heart wall are emotions trapped in and around the heart to create a wall, this is done to protect the heart from hurt and pain. Heart walls block the heart energy from flowing through the body, this makes it more difficult for the body to heal itself, and can cause physical symptoms, particularly in the neck, upper back and shoulders. Second, they block us from fully opening our hearts to others. A heart wall will make you numb to others and make it more difficult for you to feel emotions and connect to others. if you have a heart wall, you will have a harder time being able to give and receive love freely and feeling disconnected from others. The discovery session around what you would like to work on will be done via Zoom (30 minutes). The actual healing will be then done by proxy (remotely). This works by me connecting to you with the information provided to tap into your subconscious to ascertain where the blocks are located. Once the session is complete, I will email you a summary detailing which emotion was released, the cause and which organ it was impacting. All up, this will be a 2 hour service.

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Sydney, Australia