Light Ray Healing

My Story


My personal journey of spirituality and healing has been both challenging and yet so empowering and profound. Growing up amongst difficult family dynamics and having my own relationship challenges has enabled me to do inner work and heal, to understand myself on a deeper level and develop a greater sense of self-awareness.


Working though self-worth, self-love and self-confidence has been an immensely satisfying and humbling journey.

I have always been drawn to helping people with their relationship concerns and have found I have attracted people who love to talk about their relationships with me.

I am a Quantum healer, emotion code practitioner, bach flower practitioner and Reiki Master.  I have seen profound shifts in all these healing modalities and thats why I was drawn to work with them.

It is my passion to continually grow, develop and bring this knowledge to people and help them on their healing journey. It has been my honour to assist my clients in releasing blocks that were holding them back in experiencing the best life they could live.